Friends vs Cambridgeshire Past Presidents

By | May 18, 2013

Tuesday 14th May 2013
vs Cambridgeshire Past Presidents Bowling Association – Inaugural match.

We were invited to play the first game of the season against the newly inaugurated Cambridgeshire Past Presidents Bowling Association at the great Newmarket Avenue Bowling Green.

As ever, we received a great welcome and super hospitality. The weather was a bit erratic but we just managed to finish the game before the heavy rain came.

It was a close very enjoyable game and the Friends just won by 102 shots to 93 shots.

The initial Chairman of the Cambridgeshire PPBA, Tony Taylor, made a great welcoming speech. As a member of the Friends, he knew all about what the organization did.

The Friends Captain of the Day was Mike Poole and he thanked all present for their support as well as explaining the objects of the organisation and how we would welcome new members.

A great start to the season.