Friends vs Falcon BC

By | June 18, 2013

Tuesday 11th June 2013

This was a charity match in aid of VIBE.

We gathered here at this Cotswold Club, a picturesque club with a thriving membership, and present were Bowls England directors, its Development Officer, FEB Officers, Club Officers, FEB members and guests, Club members and a birthday boy, Bowls England Chief Executive Tony Allcock and cards, champagne, cakes made by Angela Harris and congratulations.

Lunch was a beautiful buffet spread made and given by the club members. Thank you.

The weather cheered up and out went the players, including those who only play a few times a year. The Friends were very friendly and lost the match only by 9 shots

The after match meal was first class and speeches were made by Tony Allcock and Geoff Hunt., FEB Captain of the day. A birthday card, signed by all the Friends present was given to Tony.

To raise money we started with a Spider, ran a raffle, completed a Heads and Tails game and donated cash. We raised £570 for the VIBE World Championships.

Thank you everybody.