Friends vs Scole & District BC

By | July 9, 2013

Tuesday 9th July 2013

The Club had great pleasure in the Friends agreeing to join it in its celebrations of its Golden Jubilee. It could not have been a better day in all respects, the camaraderie was obvious and the banter infectious. The perfect illustration of the fun of bowling.

The Club reported that it was a memorable day and its members thanked the Friends for the gifts that marked the occasion.

The Friends Captain of the Day Marcia Pearce was thanked for her post match kind words. She spoke so well and her humour was much appreciated.

It was a long way for the Friends players to travel and the Scole club members hoped that they were as thrilled by the day as they were.

The Scole Club wished every success to Adie Lloyd for arranging the game and to all the Friends.