Friends vs BE President’s Team at Popes Mead BC

By | September 4, 2013

Wednesday 4th September 2013

We travelled down to Sussex to play the Bowls England President’s team for the cut glass Claret Jug, presented by President Ian Woodcock in 2006 for this yearly occasion.

Popes Mead Bowls Club has good facilities, green and refreshments, and on a bright sunny day they made all welcome despite most of us not knowing who was playing for President Rosemary and who was playing for the Friends.

Eventually all was settled, but what is this, but due to a hiccup in the proceedings, the Friends had no Captain of the Day and their Match Secretary, who is playing for Bowls England is asking the Friends Treasurer to do the job again. Was it National Groundhog Day again?

We had a super day and Kath Lloyd, having been with President Rosemary during most of her President’s bowling season, really enjoyed being her opposite number, sitting beside her at the after match meal.

The Friends like to give the Bowls England President a small present at this particular match. The fun part was four tins of Guinness, a favourite tipple of the President and the momento part was a Crawley Bowls spoon, presented in a hand crafted card adorned with Friends bowls stickers.

Thank you Popes Mead Bowls Club for the use of your bowls club and your lovely food.

Sorry Bowls England, the Friends won again and retained the Claret Jug.