Friends vs Bowls England Mixed

By | August 30, 2014

Thursday  28th  August 2014

The day started with blue skies and a few clouds.   At 2.30 the heavens opened and we all thought, ‘Not again – both the B.E. games at Leamington cancelled.’

The AGM was held at 3 pm and when it had finished, much to our delight, so had the rain.  We were greeted by a blue cloudless sky.  In fact it turned into one of the nicest evenings we have had this year.

Twelve rinks played and lots of laughter was heard across the greens.  Geoff Hunt was the captain of the day for the Friends and Michael Jennings was captain of the day for Bowls England.

On rink D the Friends had a good win.  Alas, on rink E they did not fare too well and had a bit of a loss.  So sorry folks but added together it meant a win for Bowls England

We had another good evening at the Royal Naval Club.  Adie, as President of Bowls England, led the top table into dinner past the line of smartly turned out cadets.   The Standard was then presented and the buffet meal for over 130 commenced.

Adie welcomed us all and spoke for Bowls England and Geoff spoke on behalf of the Friends.

A raffle took place with the proceeds going to Adie’s charity for the year which is Dorothy House Hospice