Leamington Lunches 1

On Tuesday August 7th on a very hot and sunny day; the first of the four ‘Buffet Lunches’ with the Presidential Team took place in the hospitality tent.

The Friends had no idea what to expect as we had all been used to going to the Naval Club (which has now closed).

If you have not been to lunch yet, then you are in for a very big surprise.   From the moment  you are greeted at the door by two members of the Friends (one acting as bouncer and one to sign you in).  You are then offered a drink and you meet the members of the Presidential Team.  On this occasion it was President Bill and JVP Paul in attendance.

You then have a chance to circulate and catch up with old friends – or new ones – in the ‘gardens’ outside the tent, where there are  plenty of tables, chairs and umbrellas, or you could sit down, drink in hand and watch the excellent bowling on A green, if you just wanted to chill out for half an hour.

At 12.30 everyone is called in for lunch.

What a lovely surprise – there are tables of four laid up with red cloths, flowers and place settings, with seats for all.   We were expecting to see the finger buffet laid out and tables and chairs to sit on (if you were lucky enough to find one).

We were then treated to an excellent 5 star meal.  lots of choices and some yummy deserts.  Most of us having seconds – and some thirds. The wine was flowing and  the lovely Tony (not Allcock) was rushing round filling up the glasses before they could get emptied.

Congratulations to Richard and his team for doing such a superb catering job.  Some of you might remember Richard from the Naval Club as he was the chef the first year we used it. (I knew he looked familiar).

Congratulations must go to Penny and Bowls England for doing us proud.  It was a challenge for them and they faced it head on and did a wonderful job.  Everyone wondered how it was going to work out and all I can say is if you did not get a ticket to one of the lunches then try and score one on the black market.

Bowls England does have one very big problem – 350 members and only four dates for the lunches.

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