Friends v. Oxfordshire BA President’s Select Team

Captains Carolyn Hunt & Michael Morris lining up with their teams before the game

A lovely Thursday afternoon (11th July) shared with Michael Morris, President of Oxfordshire Bowls Association, and his select team, playing on the splendid green of Banbury Borough BC in the picturesque People’s Park in Banbury.   Parking can sometimes be an issue, but today we were welcomed into reserved parking by Gerald, who would also be playing later!

Busy Barman Tommy

Michael was at the clubhouse to welcome the Friends arriving from 11  different counties.  We were spoilt with a generous buffet lunch and  Tommy was kept busy behind the bar.    Weather-wise, it was very muggy with a few threatening clouds that came to nothing.   Michael’s side was made up from teams from Chestnuts, Banbury Central, Brackley, Middle Barton and Banbury Borough.   It was a tight game with both sides winning 3 rinks apiece, but the final score gave Friends the win with just 3 shots –   105-102

The highest winning rinks for both sides were duly awarded  –  for the President’s side: Margaret Morris, Gerald Fountain (the multi tasking car park attendant), Maureen Osborne and President Michael 23-14.  For the Friends:  Val Botting, Tony Strudwick, Joan Parfitt and Adie Lloyd  20-9.

The Wonderful Kitchen Team (l-r) Roger, Jimmy, Malcolm, Carol, Jane, Adrienne, Ton

Thank you to Carol & Malcolm and wonderful team for providing not only our magnificent lunch, but a wonderful dinner of shepherds pie and all the trimmings, followed by jam roly-poly & custard – then cheese and biscuits!  Oh dear, our waistlines were visibly expanding.

The Friends Captain for the day, Carolyn Hunt, brought the days formalities to a close by presenting a certificate to President Michael to serve as a reminder of our lovely day together…. a brilliant day of bowling, meeting old,  and making new friends!

FOEB Carolyn & Oxfordshire BA President, Michael

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