Hoddesdon BC – Game 6

Wednesday 1st June  –  Hoddesdon (Rosehill) Bowls Club.

On a sunny cloudy day we gathered at Hoddesdon Bowls Club, just in Greater London, at the top of a small hill going into large trees and houses being built.  Where are they not building houses nowadays?

As usual we were all hungry when we arrived; it is something to do with not preparing the food yourself, so we took advantage of fresh sandwiches on sale with plenty of tea and coffee.

Are we on tour?” Well sort of.  We are around the area to celebrate a hundredth anniversary of another club.

Did we come by coach?”  No we came by car, sometimes sharing, sometimes stopping in the area or only coming for the day.  The same or different people each day.  All with one thought in their mind, which is to  have a good day out with old friends and make new friends.

Action on the Green

The laughter and rivalry on green was as required and it did not rain.  The home team were very friendly to the Friends and we won the match.  We had a lovely hot meal after on really hot plates(a treat) – definitely not a lot left over.  Lemon tart and blueberries for afters, very nice.

Captain Ray welcomed us to the club and thanked his members for their hard work on a special day.  Our Captain of the Day, Adie, thanked the club secretary, the members in the kitchen for preparing such appetizing food, the barmen and the green keepers who we  cannot manage without.  Top rink prizes of home made preserves were awarded and photos taken.

Thank you Hoddesdon (Rosehill) Bowls Club for a Grand Day out.  Did we hear that you would like us to come again? If so, we have achieved our goal to pass on our enjoyment of friends and bowls to a deserving club.

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