Market Overton BC – Game 11

12th June 2022   The Friends of English Bowling v Market Overton BC.

The teams all ready to play

The day started with a fresh breeze, but the Sun came out and it was a glorious afternoon.

We received a warm welcome on arrival and were treated to a wonderful meal after the match and given sustenance from the well-stocked bar.

The match, on four rinks, was played in the usual good spirit and after 21 ends we ended up on top with a close 87 – 72 win.

The top winning rink for the friends was Rink 2 with a score of 30 -16.  Lead – Lesley Summersgill, No 2 – Sue Skerry, No 3 – Trevor Dean, Skip – Adie Lloyd

The top winning rink for Market Overton was Rink 3 with a score of 26 – 11.  Lead – Bruce Acock, No 2 – Jeannine Hutton, No 3 – Johnny Abbott, Skip – Liz Dyer

Market Overton’s captain, who skipped for rink 3,  gave the excuse of being “sporting” by allowing the opposition to win!!.

The winner in the end was the game of bowls and everyone seemed to enjoy the day.

Clive Handscombe
Captain of the day

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