Potton BC – Game 12

Saturday 18th June,   Potton Bowls Club.

The weather wasn’t looking good when we arrived at Potton BC, but we were warmly greeted and provided with an excellent buffet, including cake.  It was a wonder we could still manage to bowl!

We began the game in drizzling rain, unfortunately, which lasted for the first 10 ends, however the sun eventually did make an attempt to appear.   The green was excellent, and a great game played, with a positive result for Friends.

It’s a good job we had worked up an appetite, as all sat down to a wonderful spread of chicken and chips, followed by a delicious dessert.  There was much laughter as players shared their anecdotes, and Mike Poole, the Friends captain of the day, and Gordon McCann, Potton’s Captain, gave their thanks and acknowledged all those who had contributed to making the day a success.

The top rinks were awarded on both sides:
Potton’s team –  D Butt, A White, L Wilson/Paul Mallock, Gordon McCann
Friends’ team  –  Lesley Summersgill, Lesley Brown, Allan Hunt, John Thompson.

Finally, Mike Poole, our Captain of the day, presented Captain Gordon McCann with a memento certificate to remember our visit.

A great day, enjoyed by all.

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