Thame BC – Game 14

Saturday 25th June
Friends of English Bowling visit Thame Bowls Club

It was perfect weather for bowling, although the breeze was challenging at times, but nobody’s complaining!    There were nine counties representing Friends, and a very welcome and plentiful buffet lunch greeted us, supported by Janet and Wendy minding the bar.   Well, all good things come to an end, on to the game!!

the teams all happy and raring to go

After the obligatory group photo, Thame’s Captain, John, welcomed Carolyn, captain of the day for Friends, and all the players – it was going to be a great afternoon, played in the best of company.  As it turned out, not the best result for Friends!    I don’t know what went wrong, but confess we had no winning rinks, going down rather badly 101-59 to Thame.  Ooops! 

Thame’s Top Rink went to Marion K, Matthew C, Ron D and Les C
Friends’s lowest losing rink went to Marion Bushnell, Roy Walker, Tony Strudwick and Jan (who had we borrowed from Thame to replace aching Doris).

Jane Kimber, heading up the catering, ably assisted by Terri and June and support, provided a delicious and welcome dinner, enjoyed and appreciated by all.   There was plenty of chatter in the clubhouse, as there always is at these events.

(l-r) Chairman Bill, Cptn of the day FoEB Carolyn, President Gordon, Thame’s Captain John

Friends had helped to celebrate Thames BC’s 90th anniversary in 2014 and had promised to return to celebrate their new clubhouse which was then very much in the planning stage.   Well, 12 years on and here we are.  The new clubhouse was completed in 2020, and it was magnificent.  Bill Giles, Thames BC’s Chairman, started the after-dinner speeches and shared the club’s journey.   President Gordon Taylor, who although couldn’t join us for the game was able to join us for dinner, gave his thanks and appreciation.   Captains for the day, John and Carolyn were also much appreciative for all the hard work and commitment shown by all those involved in the day’s event.  Catering: Jane and team, Greenkeeper: Chis and team, the bar: Janet and Wendy, and many more unnamed supporters.     Carolyn was also grateful to Jan who she ‘borrowed’ from Thame BC standing in for Doris who had taken a fall, and whilst not seriously injured, was aching and too uncomfortable to continue.

Remember we visited Thame BC in 2014?  Friends won that game 135-102 ….   looks like we need a decider!!

The whole event was most successful, enjoyed, and much appreciated by all.

Carolyn Hunt
Captain of the Day




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