Friends’ Games 2013-2017

Our records now go back to 2013, with many reports written and photos taken.   We are keeping  five years of match reports available for viewing on our website, however you might be interested to see a list of all of our matches previous to that.

Carolyn Hunt, Website Administrator
February 2023

FRIEND’S GAMES 2013-2017

Sep-17 Weobley
Sep-17 Broadway
Sep-17 Watlington
Sep-17 Chandos Park
Sep-17 Hagbourne
Aug-17 BE Select Team at Leamington
Aug-17 FOEB Two Wood Pairs
Aug-17 Presidents Ladies Team. Leamington
Aug-17 Worcester
Jul-17 Royston
Jul-17 Stevenage Town
Jul-17 Alton Social
Jul-17 Devizes
Jul-17 Trowbridge Police
Jul-17 South Warwicks BA at Avon BC
Jun-17 Holloway Hill
Jun-17 Gildredge Park
Jun-17 Alnwick
Jun-17 Gosforth
Jun-17 Bowls Northumberland, AT Hexham Elvaston
May-17 Eastern Counties BA at Newmarket Avenue
May-17 Fordham
Sep-16 BE Presidents at Hagbourne
Sep-16 Stockton
Sep-16 Lyndhurst
Sep-16 BE Select, Leamington
Aug-16 FOEB Two Wood Pairs, Leamington
Aug-16 BE Ladies, Leamington
Aug-16 East Grinstead
Jul-16 Market Overton
Jul-16 Purley Bury
Jun-16 Harrogate
Jun-16 Yorkshire BA at Northallerton
Jun-16 York & District BA at York RI
Jun-16 Newmarket
Jun-16 West Ealing
May-16 Thringstone
May-16 Hinckley
Sep-15 Lockswood
Sep-15 White Hall
Sep-15 BE Presidents, Herts BC, Watford
Sep-15 East Leake
Sep-15 Newark Northern
Aug-15 BE Select, Leamington
Aug-15 FOEB Two Wood Pairs, Leamington
Aug-15 BE Ladies, Leamington
Aug-15 Suffolk Bowls at Hopton BC
Aug-15 St Albans & District at Shire Park BC
Jul-15 Bitton Park
Jul-15 Newton Abbot
Jun-15 Waddesdon
Jun-15 Chesham Ladies
Jun-15 Welwyn & District
Jun-15 Ambleside
Oct-14 Cheltenham Spa
Sep-14 Rottingdean
Sep-14 BE at North Wilts
Aug-14 BE Select, Leamington
Aug-14 FOEB Two Wood Pairs
Aug-14 BE Ladies, Leamington
Aug-14 Berkhamsted
Jul-14 Thame
Jul-14 Bucks BA at Chesham
Jun-14 Barlestone
Jun-14 Wilton
Jun-14 Biggleswade Town
Jun-14 Bowls Wiltshire Men, North Wilts BC
Sep-13 Oxfordshire BA at Kidlington
Sep-13 BE Presidents at Popes Mead
Aug-13 Berkhamsted
Aug-13 BE Select, Leamington
Jul-13 Bucks Ladies at Wendover & Chiltern Hills
Jul-13 Bredon
Jul-13 Scole & District
Jun-13 Warwick Boat Club
Jun-13 Chippenham Town
Jun-13 Falcon
Jun-13 Oakley
May-13 Cambs Past Presidents at Newmarket Avenue



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