A Warm Welcome from Pineholt BC

The Teams : Pineholt v FoEB

Tuesday 16th May:  When we arrived at Pineholt BC.  It was cloudy, but warm.
The ladies produced some excellent rolls for us to enjoy with tea,  coffee or beer.

The Captain of the Day for Pineholt was Ivan Bullen and he extended a warm welcome to the Friends out on the green.   We had to play 21 ends (in case the chicken was not cooked!), 1 shot on the first 2 ends, and no 3’s up.

While we were playing the sun came out and we had an excellent game on a very good green.   The Friends came second on this occasion by 121 shots to 88 shots.

Top rink for Pineholt:-  Roger Harrison,  Tony Stokes, Neil MacTaggart and Val Major.
Top rink for Friends:-  Irene Button,  Gordon Newman,  Trevor Dean and John Thompson.

Thank you to everyone at Pineholt B.C. for a very enjoyable afternoon.

Best wishes to you all for the rest of the 2023 season.

Adie Lloyd
Captain of the Day

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