We Scored a Draw at Victory Park

The Teams all ready for the game

Thursday 18th May :

What a great welcome we all received, open bar, tea and coffee and a great selection of rolls.

The format for the afternoon would be six rinks, 18 ends with no 3s up, and just one on the first 2 ends.   The weather was dry and warm although a little cloudy, however the sun did manage to shine for a while as well.

The game was close over all the rinks with some very high scores, both to the Friends and Victory Park, with lots of banter on the green, and much laughter.

We all enjoyed a great meal after the game – and many drinks were ordered and consumed.  David Northrop appeared to lose his trousers at one stage, and his wallet, but all was well they were both in the changing room.

I had quite a shock totalling the scores up after the game to find that both teams drew, with 91 shots each!!

Friends had a top rink:  Barbara Battom (Cambridgeshire) Gordon Newman (Bedfordshire), Ian Perry (Cornwall) and Graham Walton (Somerset) who was a guest player for the day.   Victory Park’s winning rink were Doug Watt, Mike Harmer, Richard Palmer and John Tombs.

I personally had a wonderful day and all those I spoke to agreed.

John Thompson
Captain of the Day



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