A Great Game at Burghfield

Saturday, 24th June 2023:   Some of us arrived a little early to Burghfield, but we were able to sit  under the shade of a tree with our lunches.    The club was hiding away in the countryside, but our sat navs didn’t let us down.    The Friends today came from 12 different counties.  Captain Gillian arrived to open up we took sustenance at the bar…  thank you Charlie and Mark.

It was, dare I say, yet another scorching day, so Gillian and I settled for 18 ends, with 1 on the first two ends.  All were advised to remember to drink plenty of water!   We enjoyed a great game, and Friends managed a 113-87 win.   Well done everyone!    We were all feeling a little wilted, but soon revived after our salad dinner, with some tasty desserts.   Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to bring it together.

The Top Rink for Friends, with a score of 21-6 was Lesley Brown, Anne Perry, Peter Cottee and Gerald Webb.   Burghfield had two winning rinks (both 2 shots difference) but the team who won the most ends was Captain Gillian and her team Sue Walker, Nick Garrard and Gary Newson.

Gillian Chamberlin and Carolyn Hunt (captains) made sure due thanks were given to all, and Carolyn presented Gillian with a certificate from the Friends as a reminder of our day together.

It was a pleasure to play at Burghfield today, and I’m pretty sure everyone agreed.     Safe journey home everyone!

Carolyn Hunt
Captain of the Day


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