Celebrating 100 Years at West Ealing

The teams, before we got all hot and sweaty

Saturday 10th June 2023:  It was so, so, warm at West Ealing today.  Some of us arrived early, and were welcomed by Norma with a cuppa and biscuits…  others were unfortunately stuck in an endless traffic jam.   We started a little later than planned, with no respite for poor Neil and Maxeen Fletcher and passenger  Vi Oliver, who, after their frustrating and tiresome 3hr+ journey went straight on to the green to play!

Plenty of water was consumed throughout the match,   Friends took the win, with a 94-77 score, and 3 rinks to 2.    With a score of 23-10 Carole Dunn, Sylvia Switzer, Tony Strudwick and Hazel Marke won the coveted highest winning rink for Friends.  The highest winning rink for West Ealing (21-13) was Pam Head, Steve Higgs, Pedro Howland, and Mitch Williams.  Well done all.

We enjoyed a wonderful meal, beef bourguignon with lots of veg. followed by cream slice and fresh strawberries.    A feast.   President Bob Wilsher thanked the Friends for helping in their 100 year celebrations.   Captains John Thompson (Friends) and Trevor Grover (West Ealing) reiterated their thanks to everyone who had helped to make the afternoon a success.  A lot of time and hard work goes into making these events run smoothly.   The Top Rinks were awarded, and Captain of the Day John Thompson presented Captain Trevor with our certificate as a reminder of our day together.

A really lovely day enjoyed by everyone.   Lets hope the journey home is not as stressful.

Carolyn Hunt



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