Overdue Game at Trentham

Sunday 25th June 2023:  We arrived at Trentham BC in the sunshine and were warmly welcomed by the members.  This game has taken 4 years to be finally be played, due to covid interruption.   This is a very spacious clubhouse with a wonderful view across the green.

As always the game was played in a very friendly manner,  with the Friends just coming out on top.  Top rink for Trentham was Ted Rumble, Sheila Foster,  Chris Long and Trevor Marshall.  Friends top rink was Dave Little,  Georgie Dimmock,  Terry James and Mike Skerry.

Thank you to the catering ladies,  who provided us with an excellent meal after the game and thank you to the bar staff.  President Shirley explained that this game came about because Trentham BC were Runners-up in The Club Story of the Year 2019.

Trentham BC, this was a first class day.   Many thanks.   Hopefully our paths will cross again one day.

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