A Great Day in Gloc. at Falcon BC

Sunday 9th July 2023:   We arrived at the Falcon Bowls Club in Painswick in a fine drizzle,  which quickly turned to heavy rain,  whilst we were eating an excellent buffet prepared for us.

The Falcon BC was formed in 1554 and it is the oldest club in England still playing on the same site… some record!

The afternoon started with the usual formalities and then the game began.   I think we were all surprised how well the green played after all the rain we had had.  The whole game was played in sunshine thankfully, and the Friends were successful by 4 rinks to 1 rink.

For Falcon the winning rink was Karen, Gerry, Silvia  and Jan.   For the Friends, the top rink was Brian,  Ian,  Margaret and Paul.

We retired to the clubhouse for the post match meal.. cottage pie…Yum.   A very big thank you to Fiona and Ally for their first class catering.

Another great day in Gloucestershire for the Friends.  Thank you.

Adie Lloyd


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