Centenary Celebration at Saltash

Monday 31st July 2023   Centenary Celebration

A very wet Monday morning in Cornwall. Most of the team arrived at the club with umbrellas, not knowing if we would ever make it to the green.

We were welcomed by Presidents Sue & Mike with Ladies Captain Barbara as my opposite Captain of the Day.  Sandwiches were available for lunch which went down very well.

Miracles do happen and at around 1pm the rain stopped, the skies cleared and the game was on. Considering the amount of rain which had fallen, the Green bowled very well so congratulations to the Greens Team.  We played a very enjoyable 18 ends with not a drop of rain. Saltash took the day with a score of 85 to 67.

Top rink for Saltash was Lorraine, Nick, Jenny and Terry, and for The Friends, Margaret, Ian, Tony and Adie.

Paul presenting Barbara memento certificate from Friends

We were served a wonderful after match meal of Cottage Pie and vegetables. Probably the best I have ever had. Head cook Ave and his team of Sue, Chris, Jackie, Margi, Mike, Bob & Peter gave us a real treat.

Thank you Saltash for a very memorable Centenary Celebration.

Here’s to the next Hundred!

Paul Robson
Friends Captain of the Day.

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