Rain Stopped Play at Pewsey Vale

The journey

Friday 14th July 2023:   We arrived at Pewsey, ever optimistic that the rain would ease.   President  Trish was there to greet us as we came through the door, and the burgers and hotdogs available for lunch were most welcome.   The forecast was not good, and the journey there pretty appalling!   The clubhouse was beautifully decorated with bunting and looked very celebratory –  100 years of bowling.

Bowling today was definitely not going to happen, but there was a Plan B.   The Captains called their rinks, we organised ourselves at our table, and we had a quiz,  magnificently delivered by Richard.   There was a buzz around the room as we all puzzled over our answers.    The two top rinks from each side were congratulated, and were presented with Kath’s highly coveted home-made jam.

We were awarded with a lovely (after match) meal, and the Captains delivered their accustomed addresses.    President Trish was apologetic for the weather, but that was certainly not in her control.   It was a great shame we didn’t get to play our game of bowls, but everyone had a great time anyway.

Thank you Pewsey Vale for your hospitality and friendship.


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