A Warminster Welcome

Monday 17th July 2023:

We all managed to wind our way to Warminster and park our cars (which is a little tricky there) and were made very welcome with a lovely greeting from their Club President Kathie.
Warminster have a clubhouse to be envious of, overlooking their green and countryside beyond. Paul helped out with cards and and game arrangements with Warminster’s Captain, Tom, and we began the afternoon with a spider on the green, for a bottle of whiskey.

We played and laughed and hoped each end that we were putting down a good wood.  We won overall, but rink 5 for Warminster beat us for their top rink.  Our top rink was Don, Trish, Paul and Clive. A loaded rink we wonder?

Just as we sat down to our meal, cooked by Warminster ladies, for which we thank you, Adie arrived to take over Captain of day duties (after not being able to come earlier).  He rewarded the top rinks with Kath’s homemade preserves, and presented our framed certificate for the  125 year celebration of the club to Tom.   Tom responded by presenting £125 as a donation to the Friends.  Very generous.

Thank you for a lovely day Warminster. See you for your 150th anniversary!

Thank you to all our members from many counties, who bowled and travelled to our Wiltshire long weekend of four days.

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