Friends take on BE Select Team at Leamington

All ears for their team selection

Tuesday 15th August 2023   is the day we took on a Bowls England select team, following the Friends Annual General Meeting,  and what a great afternoon’s play – on the hallowed turf at Leamington.   The two Captains of the Day – Carolyn Hunt for Friends, and  Steve Beamish for BE, with BE President Deepak Tanna, welcomed the teams.  With the buzz of the National Finals in the background, we enjoyed fine weather, and plenty of  comradery and laughter on the green – both sides determined to win of course!    The afternoon went well for Friends, who won on 5 of the 6 rinks, President Deepak later explained that his team were being polite to their opposition by letting us win!  Hmmm?

After the game we enjoyed a meal in St Patrick’s Irish Club.   Friends had travelled from 12 different counties to play this popular fixture and it was great to sit down and relax and enjoy the company.   Following the meal a toast to the King was given by SVP David King-Taylor, and President Deepak addressed the diners giving thanks, and gifts,  to the caterers, and bar staff.  The highest winning rinks were also congratulated :  for BE: Ann, Ian, John & Lindsay, and for Friends: Jenny, Judith, Richard & Clive.

The Friends were very generous with their donation of raffle prizes, resulting at the end of the evening in a collection of £285 which will be gifted to Disability Bowls England.

This was our 25th fixture of the season, with 3 more left to play…  how time flies!

Carolyn Hunt
Captain of the Day

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