The Rain just did not stop at Goodwood Bowls Club

It rained on the way to Goodwood Bowls Club, it rained when we arrived and it rained all afternoon.  Very disappointing especially for Deepak as it was his last match as President of Bowls England.

At Goodwood they have a lovely big clubhouse and car park.  They made us and the Bowls England players and guests very welcome with fresh rolls for lunch.

The decision that the green was not, and was not going to be, fit to play on, was an obvious one. What a shame.  However, Richard came to the rescue with one of his quizzes.  The rinks that should have played on the green against each other were quickly organised to play the quiz against each other.  All that could be heard was a low murmuring.  When time was up, entry forms were swapped to be marked.  Richard read out the answers and top rinks were sorted out.


The kitchen helper’s brought forward our meal and produced a nice hot meal of sausages and mixed vegetables with lemon meringue pie to follow.  Following the meal Deepak thanked all his club members for their help for the day.  They really did well.  He gave out his personal presents to the helpers and the top rinks.  Kath, our captain of the day, gave out her preserves to Bowls England top rink, Pam, Dave, Alan and Mick and the Friends top rink, Barbara, Ian, Jackie and Neil.
We played, as we always do for this particular day, for the Ian Woodcock claret jug, which the Friends won.   Kath gave Deepak a framed certificate to record this special day and an egg box filled with miniature preserves not eggs.

Kath asked for a straw poll to see if people wanted this match to be rearranged.  The hands were unanimous in agreement.  Perhaps Adie and Steve (Deepak’s match officer) can work some magic.  Thank you Deepak and Goodwood members, we hope we can visit again.

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