A great afternoon at Borough of Eye BC

Monday, 3rd June 2024

The sun was obviously not going to be quite as obliging as yesterday, but nevertheless it was good bowling weather, and today FoEB were playing at the Borough of Eye BC, tucked away in the small market town of Eye in the north of Suffolk.   We were so warmly welcomed, and the comfy chairs outside of the clubhouse were perfectly placed for our pre-game get together.  Paul ‘the pie-man’ had made delicious sausage rolls, together with a selection of savoury rolls to purchase, and Randolph was kept busy at the bar.

Its always a treat when Pat Geary (Bedfordshire) is playing in Friends team – before the game begins he places a bowl of sweets at each rink, which are greatly enjoyed by all.

We were welcomed to the green by Captains Ben and Paul Robson (for Friends).  Initially the Captains had decided the six rinks would be playing 18 ends, 1 on the first 2 ends, and no 3’s up, this was to allow some of their players a little respite before they had to play again in the evening.    Well, we must have  progressed with more speed than credited because around the 12th end we were told to play on to 21 ends!  Friends were fortunate enough to win on 5 of the rinks, and won overall with a score of 121-91.  The top scorers for FoEB were Kath Lloyd, Maddie McConomy, Peter Cottee and John Thompson who scored a cracking 24-10.   The top scorers for Borough of Eye were John, Jane, Kevin and Steve.

The kitchen team produced a wonderful after-match meal, featuring Paul ‘the pie-mans’ homemade chicken pie, followed by a naughty but very nice cheese cake.  We were replete.

The two Captains gave their heartfelt thanks to all those who had made the day such a success, and truly enjoyed by us all.   Paul Robson, our captain of the day, made presentations to many of those that contributed to the day, and finally presented Captain Ben with the Friends certificate as a memento of our day together.

A safe journey was wished to all, especially to those players travelling back to their homes  in the 11 counties represented by the Friends today.

Another memorable day for The Friends of English Bowling.

Paul Robson PPBE

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