The heat rose at Gosforth

Sunday 23rd June

Today we travelled to the north of the city of Newcastle upon Tyne, to Gosford Bowling Club.  The miserable weather we have all been experiencing in the UK has greatly improved –  today we were expecting highs of  27 degrees.    We were welcomed at the clubhouse by Peter Duffy,  secretary,  Past President, and today’s Captains of the Day….    and also manning the bar,   a true multi-tasker.

The clubhouse was to be envied, with lots of space, and a nicely placed bar.   Today the Captains decided to keep the game a little shorter as the heat looked like it would be a challenge.  Five rinks, 18 ends, with one shot only on the first two ends.

The players were welcomed, and after the customary team photographs, the game got under way.  The afternoon seemed to fly by, and  the Friends managed a win on four of the rinks, and an overall win of 102-52.    All credit to Friends’ top rink : Adie Lloyd, Anne Perry, Trevor Dean and Andy Hunt who scored 22-5.    And congratulations to Gosforth’s top rink.

Here are the two top rinks,  having been congratulated, and gifted, by both Captains, for their valiant efforts.

The kitchen team did a magnificent job, and the post-match buffet certainly aimed to please –  I don’t think anyone left for home feeling hungry!    So much goes on in the background to run these friendly fixtures.   Its not just providing the food, its laying the tables, washing up, running the bar, setting out and putting away the mats/jacks/pushers etc.  and that’s not even mentioning the care of the green.     Thank you to all who helped the day run smoothly, and by so doing gave us all a great day to remember.

Carolyn drew the afternoon to a close by presenting Peter with a certificate as a memento of the club’s afternoon with the Friend’s, and toasting to the Gosforth Bowling Club and their players.

Carolyn Hunt
Captain of the Day







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