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Friends vs Chippenham Town BC

Tuesday 25th June 2013

This match was a centenary celebration, which could not be fitted in last year. Friends came from ten counties to be given a great welcome on a summer’s day. Last year the Bowls England game had to be curtailed because of the rain, but sun shines on the good and great and the Match Secretary’s sore knees.

The lunch buffet was supplied by the Chippenham ladies. A lovely ample spread including naughty cakes again.

Chippenham Town BC has a new green and club house after moving to the opposite corner of Chippenham Sports Club grounds. The green plays well and some of us must have found it because we managed to win a very enjoyable game.

Well, eat your heart out, we had lamb cobbler with fresh vegetables followed by trifle, for the after match meal. Beat that! It was delicious. Speeches by David Williams, Chippenham’s captain and Adie Lloyd, Friends non playing captain were made.

A special day thoroughly enjoyed –  thank you to all those who helped to make this day so memorable.

A few of us stopped to watch Chippenham Town BC play Wootton Basset BC in the Men’s Top Club competition afterwards. A bonus to watch good closely matched bowling.

Friends vs Falcon BC

Tuesday 11th June 2013

This was a charity match in aid of VIBE.

We gathered here at this Cotswold Club, a picturesque club with a thriving membership, and present were Bowls England directors, its Development Officer, FEB Officers, Club Officers, FEB members and guests, Club members and a birthday boy, Bowls England Chief Executive Tony Allcock and cards, champagne, cakes made by Angela Harris and congratulations.

Lunch was a beautiful buffet spread made and given by the club members. Thank you.

The weather cheered up and out went the players, including those who only play a few times a year. The Friends were very friendly and lost the match only by 9 shots

The after match meal was first class and speeches were made by Tony Allcock and Geoff Hunt., FEB Captain of the day. A birthday card, signed by all the Friends present was given to Tony.

To raise money we started with a Spider, ran a raffle, completed a Heads and Tails game and donated cash. We raised £570 for the VIBE World Championships.

Thank you everybody.

Friends vs Oakley BC

Tuesday 4th June 2013

Friends vs Oakley BC

Friends vs Oakley BC

Hey! – The program’s gone wrong and we are getting some nice weather.

We arrived with blue skies after driving down the small lanes and finding the green in a beautiful estate. There was plenty of room to park and we only had to walk across to a building of the house to find a social club with a bar and a buffet lunch, which included cakes like Mum used to make.

When we all went to the green we could take in the sight of the new club house that had been built with help from Sport England and the Lottery. Superb changing rooms and facilities and meeting room.

You can see and read all about it on their website and see the photograph of us, and all about the match

Tony Allcock led us to victory, 128 shots to 103 shots, and after a lovely salad, he gave thanks to Coral Wearn, Club President, and the club members for their welcome and hospitality. He praised the members’ achievements, their sense of enjoyment in their club and their increase in membership

Thanks to Oakley Bowls Club for a brilliant day.

Friends vs Cambridgeshire Past Presidents

Tuesday 14th May 2013
vs Cambridgeshire Past Presidents Bowling Association – Inaugural match.

We were invited to play the first game of the season against the newly inaugurated Cambridgeshire Past Presidents Bowling Association at the great Newmarket Avenue Bowling Green.

As ever, we received a great welcome and super hospitality. The weather was a bit erratic but we just managed to finish the game before the heavy rain came.

It was a close very enjoyable game and the Friends just won by 102 shots to 93 shots.

The initial Chairman of the Cambridgeshire PPBA, Tony Taylor, made a great welcoming speech. As a member of the Friends, he knew all about what the organization did.

The Friends Captain of the Day was Mike Poole and he thanked all present for their support as well as explaining the objects of the organisation and how we would welcome new members.

A great start to the season.