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The Friends of English Bowling - Matches 2011
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15th May 2011

Vs Gloucestershire Bowls Association at Pineholt Bowls Club

We gathered for our first match of the year from far and wide to celebrate Gloucestershire Bowls Association’s first mixed county match and the opening of the Pineholt Bowls Club’s new extension.

We were very honoured, in her very busy year, to have our fellow member Joan Balding, the Bowls England President, join us and be our Captain of the Day.

 Joan cut the ribbon to open the club’s extension and many photographs were taken.

Undeterred by some light rain we went out to play and the weather improved. but did our bowls ?. We lost by 2 shots of course.

Our thanks go to Gloucestershire Bowls Association and Pineholt Bowls Club for our very enjoyable day

Friends of English Bowling Matches

To show appreciation of Members' contributions, a few matches each year will be organised against selected clubs/teams.

2nd June 2011
Vs Bradford on Avon Bowls Club for a 100th Anniversary celebration


Bradford on Avon Bowls Club is situated in a very picturesque setting.

The weather was sunny and the club was very welcoming and it was an absolute delight to be there.

To the club’s surprise and pleasure, Tony Allcock was our Captain of the Day and he led us to victory – we are usually very friendly .. that is our excuse.

The club spoilt us and it was an honour and priviledge to help them celebrate their 100th Anniversary. Below are some picture from the day.


16th June 2011
Vs Adderbury Bowls Club for an 85th Anniversary celebration


Adderbury Bowls Club is a club that likes a celebration and so there we were from near and far to help them out.

The weather was variable and once we were out on the green it blew and rained and so it was on with another layer of clothing. Then the sun came out and we played the rest of the match in the dry.

We won the match – Two matches in a row !  What is the matter with us ?

We had a lovely after match meal of salad and pie, followed by strawberries. Then we had cheese ( help yourself from huge cheeses put out ) chocolate brownies and a birthday cake presented to their President for his 65th birthday.

Thank you Adderbury Bowls Club – See you on your 90th.


23rd June 2011
Vs Three Counties at Eastnor Bowls Club, Herefordshire


We arrived at noon and had a nice lunch at the club in a very rural setting

We had members from 12 counties representing the Friends

Although it was a very warm sunny day we were only able to play 18 ends as some players arrived quite late.

And we won again !! – Three matches in a row !

The hosts were very hospitable and gave us a lovely tea.

 Despite the slow start, everyone thought it was a very enjoyable day


 12th July 2011
Vs Croygas Bowls Club for a 100th Anniversary celebration


We gathered at Croygas to help them celebrate their 100 years.

They missed a date with Bowls England, applying too late to go in the schedule and so we were very pleased to step in and help.

Our captain for the day was Peter Arnold, Bowls England Director and Past President, who is also a past Chairman of the Croygas Sports Club !

He led us to another victory, we must be getting in our stride now.

We were made welcome from the time we arrived with ladies ready and waiting with coffee and a buffet. The weather was organized so we did not bowl in the rain. After the game, we were given a well cooked hot meal.

Thank you Croygas – You gave us a great day and it was lovely to come and celebrate with you.


6th September 2011
Vs Bowls England President’s Select team at Oakham BC


We arrived at Oakham, swept in by the rain and wind. Both teams were given a lovely welcome by the host club. But who was playing for which team and was it going to rain on us ? – Our hosts said that it never rains when they have an important match on their green, and, true enough it stopped raining. All we had to contend with was a very gusty horizontal wind across the green, apart from our own poor bowling !

Half way through the match, holding on to our wigs, we saw the flag pole snap at its roots and down came both the Bowls England and Friends flags. Somebody would have had a headache if they had come through the club gate at that moment, but fortunately the only damage was a hole made in the Friends flag.

Thank you very much Oakham BC for watering and feeding us so well

The result ?  - The Friends won the Claret Jug back of course


9th September 2011
VIBE Charity Day at North Wilts BC
Vs Chippenham Tourists


We descended into the club to find our own lunch at their kitchens and bacon sandwiches, all day breakfasts and chips with everything flowed forth.
Now who is Match Secretary for Wiltshire and had 6 rinks out at a different venue this day ? And who is the Match Secretary for the Friends and for the Chippenham Tourists Club ?  -  Adie would like to thank 80 players who turned out from far and wide

We had a huge raffle and Kath’s home produce was sold, a spider was bowled for a litre and a half of whisky and 7 rinks played 7 rinks

Our thanks go to Ross and Jane for the usual great meal after the game. Maybe the Friends and Tourists will get together for another match  -  ( Don’t tell Adie )

Who won ?  VIBE of course to the tune of £600 – WELL DONE EVERYBODY -


10th September 2011
Runner up Club of the Year 2010
Vs Yeovil BC


With great pleasure we went to Yeovil BC to celebrate with them their success.

This would be a great club to belong to. Their sense of enjoyment in their club is infectious. We ate a superb buffet for lunch and despite not wanting to bend down, we went out to play bowls, starting with a spider for VIBE – Thank you !

Our captain of the day, Howard Pryse, steered the Friends to a win and at the end of the meal, class local sausages, presented the club with our usual engraved trophy for Runners Up.

Thank you Yeovil for a splendid day




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